Katılma tarihi: 25 Eyl 2022


The old man stomped around the stone with a magnifying glass in his hand, bouncing now on one foot, then on the other - it seemed to me that he was dancing around this red fragment casinoenligneca.

“God…God,” the jeweler wailed tirelessly. - It's impossible to believe impossible…

I was forced to silently admire both the stone and the dances, unable to continue the game, although it is for this that I am paid here. The cards dealt lay untouched on the cloth.

There are only a few dozen of them in the world. He's priceless! The cost of one

a carat - up to a million dollars ... In Sydney, a few years ago, Sotheby's sold one, - the old man chirped out of breath. “It’s… it’s… I can’t believe my eyes… it’s definitely a fancy red diamond!” And here somewhere ... not less than half a carat!


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